We manage your project

Get fifteen years of experience in plant relocation on your side

  • Make out of a technically complete RFQ (request for quotation)
  • Prequalification and competent selection of a service provider exactly fitting for your project
  • Collection of all relevant data and information
  • Support of your purchasing department with the negotiations
  • Project management and supervision
  • Making sure of punctual restart of production



Safe execution - punctual restart

A relocation is not part of your day to day business, this is why very often there is a need for specific advice and external project management. Broaden your options by using external know how and additional ressources, limited to the bare project duration.



Safe relocation and still make a saving

The costs for optimization of your project, which result from utilizing ReloConsult, are counterbalanced by far through subsequent savings in the project. In each single step of a plant relocation project there is a high potential for substantial cost reductions and improvement. Our core competence is to raise this potential and secure it for you.



Make use of our offer

We tell you - after a costfree first analysis - what is feasible and what you have to expect. Naturally we will make a visit to your premises.


Have a look at our modular consulting system and talk to us about a solution - custom-made for you and your project.