Relocation risks

The actual removal holds a substantial risk.


The physical relocation of plant and machinery often represents the shortest part in a project. But during this short period there is a great danger of things going wrong, financially and timewise.


  • Work is undertaken by the wrong service provider, selected falsely. Only during the ongoing project you are able to discern this.
  • Planning of the timetable was done too optimistically. Lack of experience in the complicated relocation matters now influences the project negatively, difficult to correct at this point.
  • Own personnel is burdened with the general project besides their day to day business. Now the specific demands of a machine move add up on that.
  • Corrections during this short phase can only be implemented with considerable expenses. These costs are not allocated in the budget.

The biggest possible damage is the unplanned loss of production and therefore failure to deliver products to your final customer.


Check your risks.