The power behind ReloConsult


The business modell has been created by Christian D. Klementz (born 1959 in Beelen/Germany).


For over 20 years Christian D. Klementz was employed by some of the largest rigging companies as project manager and sales representative, added by functions as branch and subsiduary general manager with project responsibility of 1.5 million Euro.


In these years he developed and realized a remarkable list of solutions for eg. the relocation of air-conditioning systems and steel structures of tower buildings in Frankfurt am Main/Germany by using heavy-load helicopters in the city area. In close cooperation with manufacturers and customers special solutions for internal and external transport equipment and lifting equipment business were established until today.


During his long career in the relocation business Christian D. Klementz has analyzed severe deficits in the interfaces between customers and relocation service providers and has developed a successful concept for their solution. This concept has made 3rd place in the Hessian StartUp Award 2005, organized by leading local banks, the German STERN magazine and management consulting company McKinsey & Co.


The projects are operated in several EU countries and countries outside Europe. An substantial portfolio of specialized sub-contractors is employed to handle the huge variety of customers requirements successfully.


Another focus of Christian D. Klementzís activities are the participation in several industry working groups and lectures on production relocation at congresses, symposia, and institutes meetings. In particular the extensive practical experience and the large number of successful solutions that Christian D. Klementz has developed over the years, are worth considering to invite him. His idea of support is to promote the understanding of the risks and practical problems in the relocation of productions.